Welcome to Savillians

Once upon a time, a techy nerd married a designer. The techy nerd wanted to make a website for his family and the designer wanted to learn how to design a website and have a place to showcase her ideas. The result is savillians.com.

So, what is savillians.com? That is the question. You may have seen the Savillian site when it was up and running a few years ago. That site no longer exists; this is a new one. It is a place for tech savy Brian to blog about his tech successes and solutions. It is a place for designer-wanna-be Devri to brag about her creative successes and lament her failures–hopefully more successes than failures. It’s a place to put her amateur graphic design portfolio. And in the future, who knows what you’ll find here?

Savillians is a work in progress. Devri wanted to learn how to design a website. Rather than go about it in an easy way, ie. take a class or something, she decided to just jump in and learn from her mistakes. Meanwhile, Brian is supplying the “How do you do this?” know-how. Unfortunately, Brian has his hands full with working and finishing up his Masters’ degree that our progress has been a little slow and perhaps not as uniform as we would all like. Please pardon our metaphorical dust and keep checking back to see what is new at Savillians.com!

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